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Helping Seniors Job Bank

The Seniors Job Bank (SJB) is a Connecticut non-profit organization providing free job referral services to seniors (50+) who are looking for part time work in the Greater Hartford area.  In addition the SJB provides an easy to use free service (for residents and businesses) to find someone to do a “Work Project” or “Job”. SJB is funded through contributions and grants from Foundations, Businesses and individual donors.  The SJB is approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501c3 Non-Profit organization.  The SJB has approximately $40,000 in annual expense that it must cover through donor contributions. Help us keep the SJB as a free service! If you would like to donate to SJB:

  1. Call the SJB office at 860-521-3210 to make a credit card donation.
  2. Send your check to: Seniors Job Bank, 50 S. Main St  (Suite 216), West Hartford, CT 06107.
  3. Make a donation via PayPal by clicking below: 

Seniors Job Bank – Become a “Sponsor or Friend”

a.   Premier                              $5000+
b.   Platinum                             $1000+
c.   Champion                            $500+
d.   Supporter                            $250+
e.   “Friend”                               $100+
f.    “Helping hand”                      $50+

The Seniors Job Bank would like to thank those who have provided donations and assistance to the organization.

Thank You For Your Contribution!