About Seniors Job Bank (SJB)

The Seniors Job Bank (SJB) is a non-profit association dedicated to helping seniors in the Greater Hartford area. Our original mission in 1974 was to provide free employment services for seniors (over 50 year old). We have the same mission today as we recognize the need to help seniors stay in their homes and to remain independent.

The SJB concentrates on being a helpful job referral service and coordinating organization for seniors who are looking to supplement their income with part time work.


Our Vision:

Provide a cost effective (free), easy-to-use job referral program for seniors who are interested in working part time.


“Need Help?” Looking for a Service Provider to complete a Work Project for you?

Whether you are a business or an individual, finding the right help through the Seniors Job Bank is easy.  You can find virtually any talent and skill right here through SJB.

How it works: Simply click here: “Need Help” Application Form and provide us with some details about the work project you need to have filled.  We then get right to work matching the skills you need to the hundreds of talented people registered with us.  We will then provide you with the names of people who may be interested in completing your project.  The rest is up to you.  Interviews, work details and costs are worked out between you and the Service Provider’s.

For more detailed information click here: Hiring a “Service Provider” – some suggestions


“Need Work?” Looking for a Part Time Job?

When making the decision to find work, sometimes people 50+ hesitate because they think competing with younger workers is too difficult.  That’s where the Seniors Job Bank can help.  Older workers offer talent, experience, skill and dedication that are valuable in today’s workplace.  By identifying “Need Work” opportunities through the Seniors Job Bank, you are offering your talent and skills to customers who are actively seeking older workers.

Click Here for Additional “Need Work” Information


Customer Satisfaction Survey

The SJB asks each person who has hired a Service Provider, through our program, to fill out an return a Customer Satisfaction Survey.  The Service Provider will ask you to complete the form and send to SJB office.  The form can be completed online by clicking here or click here to download, print and mail your Seniors Job Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey today.